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    What Are We Learning?


     Topic 9 Understanding Fractions

    9-1 Dividinig Regions into Equal Parts

    9-2 Fractions and Regions

    9-3 Fractions and Sets

    9-4 Fractional Parts of a Set

    9-5 Fraction Number Lines

    9-6 Locating Fractions on the Number Line

    9-7 Fractions and Length

    9-8 Writing to Explain

    Language Arts: 
    Unit 6:  Making Decisions
    Student Text: 
    Week 1- The Fox and the Geese, The Three Spinsters, The Incredible Goose
    Week 2- Doctor Knowall, The Kid and the Wolf
    Week 3- The Wolf and the Fox, Canine Cousins: The Fox and the Wolf
    Comprehension Skill: 
    Identify and Summarize Key Events
    Analyze How Character Actions Influence a Story
    Use Reference Materials to Build Vocabulary
    Compare and Contrast Themes in Stories by the Same Author
    Irregular Plurals
    Long oo and Short oo
    ou as in How and Out
    Punctuate Dialogue
    Comparatives and Superlatives
    Prounoun-Antecedent Agreement
    Concrete and Abstract Nouns
    Irrecgular Verbs
    Informational - Magnets
    Social Studies - Market Day/Economics
     Leader in Me:
    Habit 1- Be Proactive
    Habit 2- Begin With the End in Mind
    Habit 3- Put First Things First
    Habit 4- Think Win-Win
    Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood
    Habit 6- Synergize
    Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw