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    Instead of daily homework this year, we will use an optional homework choice menu to create higher level thinking opportunities and meet each students’ individual educational needs at home.

    The homework menu is designed to be completed on your family's timetable in a "pick and choose" fashion. The menu includes a variety of websites which your child uses at school. We encourage your child to choose at least one activity choice nightly.

    Additionally, we encourage reading nightly and practicing math facts.  Reading can be done in place of a website.  Students are not required to turn anything into their teachers for this optional homework.


     Third Grade Optional Homework Choice Menu


    Pearson EasyBridge (math textbook), Benchmark Universe (language arts textbook), i-Ready





    www.tickettoread.com*Note subscription is required

    www.raz-kids.com*Note subscription is required

    www.ixl.com *Note subscription is required
























    Microsoft Word – practice word processing




     Mandatory 3rd Grade Expert Projects/Market Day

    The following is a list of mandatory trimester projects and due dates. The sole purpose of these projects are to enhance your child’s research, analysis, study, and presentation skills.  Remember these are required which means this will affect students’ academic grades.  The project should be chosen by the child with support from the parents.  This will ensure it is of high interest to the child and fit for your child’s level of learning. Each project will be brought in on the due date to be shared and presented to the class.  For Project 1 and 2, search through the 73 different projects following the steps below:

     Step 1: In Google search box type:    holt science and technology and long term projects

    Step 2: Click on the go.hrw.com website (projects-science-Hrw-Educational Resources for Teachers)


    Expert Project 1- Due Date: October 17, 2017

    Expert Project 2 – Due Date: February 5, 2018

    STEAM Market Day Project – Due Date: May 9, 2018

    *Further information for Market Day will be provided at the beginning of the third trimester.