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    Online/Hybrid Courses
    The online courses offered through summer school are provided through a system called Odysseyware. This system requires a hybrid approach which requires students to attend 2 classes per week, along with online work between meetings for class instruction and teacher support.
    What is offered? Each school site is unique and may only offer what has the greatest need/demand. (Click here for current summer school sites and staff.) Check with the summer school staff or any high school counselor.
    How do students know they are enrolled? Schedules are usually issued to students through their regular home school site by April 30th with a schedule. Students and parents have access in Q to view their schedule by June 1st.
    Is the class entirely online? No. It is a hybrid course, which means students will work online and are required to meet in class. 
    How often do students meet? Look at your schedule to see which period you have been assigned:
    If my class begins on Tuesday, do I have to report to school on the first day? No. Simply show up on the dates your are scheduled to appear.
    How many days can I miss without being dropped from the course? Students may miss 2 class meetings, or 3 hours of scheduled class time, but one minute more (such as a tardy) will result in dropping the student from the course.
    2 class missed =  3 hours of absence
    Who should take this course? Because these courses require students to be independent learners, it is ideal to have highly motivated students enroll. Not idea for students who are enrolled in the special education setting.
    What if students need help? They report to their regular class time and can also attend Friday labs. Additionally, teachers usually give additional contact information on the first day of school so students have additional support when working from home.
    How long does it take to complete the class? Most students require the full four week session of summer school. Students who complete the coursework early will need to discuss their options directly with the teacher.
    What class is most often taken? Most students take the Health course.
    What happens if students do not successfully pass? Students who are not experiencing success can drop the course (notify the summer school office) prior to the end of the summer school and retake the class during the regular school year.