• Be sure to check here often for important information about next year's AP Physics C class. You'll need to get a head start over the summer. I'll be posting information here on how to sign up for EDpuzzle. Be sure to get messages from me via Remind by signing up with this link...
    7/31/17: Last update before school - I have decided not to issue any additional assignments prior to the start of school. For those of you who have completed all of the assignments to date - congratulations and great work! For the rest of you, please finish up by the start of school. I am hopeful that during the school year I can rely on all of you to complete your at-home lecture assignments by their respective due dates - this will be critical to our success and learning. Enjoy the rest of your summer - make the most of what little time is left. Suggestion: do something nice for somebody who least expects it. I am eager to meet you all and begin our time together - see you in about a week.
       In case you missed it it on Remind...
    AS of 7/30/17 morning: 
     Summer Infogram 7.30.17
    7/18/17: I just assigned the remaining physics videos on EDpuzzle - three for this week, and five for next. Please watch at your own pace. I've saved the last week before school for some other fun I'm still working on. I will not be assigning additional items for the week of August 6th, since you report to school on the 9th. Check out my Web Resources page if you are Jonesing for more physics. 
    7/10/17: Another video is up - more questions this time, scattered throughout the video. Don't worry about due dates and getting all of them right. I am more interested in your learning now, and you getting them all right on May 14, 2018. Keep up the good work.
    7/8/17: The new assignment is up on EDpuzzle. It is due 7/14/17, but there will be additional videos this week. I will be adding videos often, but the due dates are there for your guidance. If you need to be late, be late, but above all watch the video. Truth be told, you need only to complete the videos before August 9th, so you can come to class prepared. That will be the theme of this year - preparing outside of class so we can maximize learning and practice in class. Actual work will be minimal for now - just little questions at the end of most videos. Talk to you soon.
     6/30/17: Welcome to AP Physics C! Your first assignment is due 7/7/17. Create an EDpuzzle student account and join https://edpuzzle.com/join/sahugba.  There is an EDpuzzle app that allows you to view content and reply to questions right on your phone. Or, you can just use their website. Once you join the class, there is an assignment. An introduction to physics video and an open ended question at the end. This assignment's purpose is simply to get you accustomed to the EDpuzzle format - lots of time to work out the bugs before we hit the videos/content much harder starting next Friday. Enjoy the fireworks!! -Mr. Sum