• Ways to strengthen your child's writing skills:
      1) Encourage your child to use our Step-Up to writing skills:
      *this is the T-chart format that your child should be using in his or her writing* 
      2) Write for a purpose! 
      *Encourage your child to keep a trip journal, garden journal, daily journal, write e-mails or letters to friends and/family, or write to a pen pal regularly.
      Click on the following link for over 300 creative writing prompts:
      *Your child can also write a book report at home to share with the class.
      Here are some great sample sentence starters:
      I think
      I love the way
      I can't believe
      I wonder why
      I noticed
      I wonder
      If I were
      I'm  not sure
      I felt sad when
      I like the way the author
      I wish that
      This make me think of
      I was surprised
      It seems like
      3) Use a checklist when writing:
      Here is our grading scale for the year: