• Classroom Supplies

    Dear Parents(s) and students,
          Welcome to 5th grade!  This year requires your best study habits.  The first week of school, we supply 1 pencil, crayons, thin markers, eraser, and other shared supplies.  There is no room in the desk to keep a large supply.  Your supplies should fit in a zip lock bag or a pencil pouch.  Please ask your child throughout the year what they need to replenish.  I am recommending the following supplies to help with organization and tools needed to accomplish work:
    Student Supplies Needed 
    1 three-prong, two pocket folder (Binders are NOT necessary)
    1 college ruled spiral notebook (70 sheets)
    2 composition writing books (100 sheets, 9 3/4" x 7 1/2")
    1 package of sheet protectors (10 or more)
    2 BLACK white board markers & 1 white board eraser (sock works!)
     2 large glue sticks 
    1 roll of scotch tape (double sided tape is even better)
    1 package of pencils with eraser heads (sharpened please)
    2 red/green correcting pens (ballpoint)
    4 different colored highlighters
    2 fine point black Sharpie markers
    2 ULTRA fine point black Sharpie markers
    2 roll of Scotch Tape (double sided tape is even better!) 
    Post-It sticky notes (3 x 3" and 2 x 1.5")
    Soft pencil pouch OR gallon zip lock bag
    Flash Drive/USB Memory Stick
    1 package of college rule lined paper
    12" ruler standard/metric (hard plastic and non-bendable)