• Why Dual Language Immersion? 

    More than 40 years of research consistently documents the benefits of dual language immersion programs. Students in these programs strengthen their primary language and also become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural in the second language. The ability to speak more than one language also prepares students for an ever-changing globalized world.


    Dual Language Immersion Goals

    • Bilingual
    • Biliterate
    • Multicultural competence & understanding 
    • College & career ready
    • High levels of academic achievement
    • Pathway Awards
    • State Seal of Biliteracy


    2015 DLI Graduation    2016 DLI Graduation

                                                    2017 DLI Graduation

  • Nivia Gallardo-Ayala, Director
    English Learner Department 
    Phone: (951) 736-5085

    Vanessa Kung, Teacher on Assignment
    Dual Language Immersion 
    Phone: (951) 736-5085