Mrs. Cantu



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Mrs. Cantu

About The Teacher

I knew I wanted to be a teacher since 1978 in fourth grade because of an excellent teacher who motivated me, Mr. Orta. I attended an elementary school named Lincoln Elementary and Washington Elementary in a small city named Reedley, California.  It was a farming community of 10,000 people, one manufacturing company, small business owners, and a community college.  I received an excellent education at Fresno State University and Azusa Pacific University. I have been teaching since 1993.  I have had a great deal of experience in different grade levels. My husband and I decided to leave Central California and moved to Lake Elsinore, Riverside, and finally Eastvale.  I have two daughters, Jillian who is a senior at Roosevelt High School and Raelyn who is going to be a 7th grader at Augie Ramirez Intermediate.  We have been very happy living in this area and believe that supporting the community is important.  I believe we chose an excellent school district for our daughters to excel in their academics, and a teaching career where I have been professionally supported.  I have been working at Lincoln Alternative School for 16 years and have taught sixth grade, third grade, and now fifth grade. I have seen many changes to our school, but our commitment to providing an excellent education in a supportive and safe environment is what we strive for. 



If a teacher asks you to walk 1 mile, walk 2!


Words of Wisdom

Work hard! Every habit you form is the habit you live with.  There is a light of success at the end of the tunnel.  Being unmotivated or bored is an attitude.  If others can be successful, you have to believe you "can-too."  Those who participate and raise their hand most likely will do well in the classroom.  Set goals, be goal orientated, and learn to finish that goal.  for every action there is a reaction whether it's a good consequence or a bad consequence.  Always be truthful with your answers and explanations because if your not, it takes others a long time to trust you again.  I truly believe that the attitude you put out is the attitude you receive.  "What comes around, goes around."  For example, if your going to tease someone, you better be ready to get teased back.  Your behavior is being examined everyday by your peers and teachers.  Be the person you want to be proud of.  For sure, you will have long lasting friendships.  Everyone in class is aloud to be themselves, to be productive, and be respectful to others.  I am so thankful that we all have the right to go to school and learn.  Be thankful with me.