• Topic Sentence Starters:


    I know many different things about…

    I have learned three exciting facts about…

    There are …..

    I want to tell you all about…..

    I would like to share with you about….

    Yesterday I learned three facts about…

    At school, I learned about…



    First, → Next, → Last,

    One, → Another, → Finally,

    First, → Second, → Third,

    First of all, → Next, → Last,



    In conclusion,

    All in all,




    Good Writers Checklist:

    Student should complete the Good Writers Checklist after writing the paragraph.

    o Title

    o Indent

    o Transition words

    o Capital letters

    o Punctuation

    o Spelling

    o Reread

    Here are the 3 different writing rubrics that we will be using for first grade: