• Important Information about drop-off and pick-up


    PM Kinder

    DROP OFF: Supervision will be on duty in the front of the school by the multipurpose room at 10:50 am for arrival ON MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Please do not drop your child before 10:50. Keep pulling forward and stay in your car.

    If you are walking to school remember to wait until supervision is on duty before leaving your child. Parents are not permitted on the yard unless they are signed in to VOLUNTEER. You may not sign in to bring your child into the yard and then leave. If you are volunteering you must sign in at the office.

    Wednesday is early release and we come to school in the morning at 8:25.

    ON WEDNESDAY WHEN WE ARE HERE IN THE MORNING DROP OFF WILL BE ON HARRISON, NOT IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. Supervision will be on duty on Harrison at 8:10. Please do not drop your child before 8:10. Keep pulling forward and stay in your car

    PICK UP is on Harrison at 2:50 PM on Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., and 11:19 on Wednesdays.  Please teach your child to buckle themselves in their seats upon pick-up. The time it takes for you to turn and do it for them holds up traffic.  Please practice each day at home. We will not load and unload in the street at the curb. You must walk up or drive through the line. Please remember your signs and hang them from the rearview mirror; not the dashboard or the passenger window. Thank you for your help and being patient in keeping the children safe.

    If you have a sibling at Rosa Parks, please send them to Harrison to sit with the kinder. I will not send a kinder to the front of the school. I will not release a kinder to an older sibling. An adult must pick up your child.

    Make sure that anyone you want to be able to pick up your child MUST be on the emergency card. The office or I will not release a child to anyone that is not on the emergency card.