• P.E./Water Bottles:
    P.E.:  P.E. is every Thursday and Friday from 2:05-2:57.  Students must be prepared by wearing tennis shoes on these days.  Being prepared is part of their P.E. grade.  Students will run one mile each week for 100-mile club.  If you want your child to achieve 100 miles for 100-mile club you will need to bring them on 100 Mile Club mornings from 8:00-8:30 a.m. and/or participate in other 100 mile club events outside of school.  Additionally, if your child participates in other organized running events, please feel free to write a note indicating their mileage and sign your name to it.  I will accept these miles as well. 
    Water Bottles:  Students are encouraged to bring and use a water bottle with a spill-proof lid.  Please do not send any other types of liquid.  I allow students to refill their water bottles as needed.