• Challenges/Commercials/Spelling/Library•

    Book Commercial:  Students will do an oral presentation every other month on one of the books they have read.  Expectations and due dates for this oral presentation can be found in their 20 Book Challenge Spiral which is in their AVID Binder.


    20 Book Challenge:  All students will be participating in a 20-book challenge.  Students will be encouraged and motivated to read from a variety of genre of books. 


    AR Reading Challenge:   To motivate and reward students for their diligence in reading, I have established individual goals for students in regards to A.R.  These goals are generated through the Accelerated Reader program based on their individual reading level.  These goals enable all children, regardless of their ability to read, to be on a level playing field in regards to their goals, and an equal opportunity to achieve them.  I have attached a letter from our librarian explaining how you can sign up to get an alert every time your student completes an AR test.  You will also be able to get additional information about how AR works.  There are free Apps that you can access that enable you to use your phone to scan the bar code of a book to find out the AR level of almost any book you might have.  Additionally, you can order Scholastic books and search on that website per your child’s targeted AR level or Lexile level.


    The windows for the challenge are:  August 16-November 7, November 8-February 6 and February 7-May 15. 


    Spelling:  Students will work on a spelling list by completing tasks in class.  There will be a spelling test each week.


    Library:  Our library time is each Tuesday.