• PAWS Points Student App Access

    Our school is using PBIS Rewards to help us with our PAWS points program. PBIS Rewards is a technology-based PBIS management system that helps us with our behavior incentive program.

    As a student, you can earn rewards by meeting expectations for behavior, as identified in the PAWS Behavior Expectations grid, as well as meeting academic and attendance expectations.  These rewards are in the form of electronic points, and will be awarded by teachers and school staff using the PBIS Rewards app. You will be able to redeem these points for privileges and tangible items in the classroom, access and discounts to school-wide events, and other similar things.  

    PBIS Rewards has a Student App that will allow you to keep track of your points, view our store and upcoming events, and redeem points for the rewards of your choice in the Jaguar Market Place. The Student App will run on most smart devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can find it in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. Just search for “PBIS Rewards Student.”

    Once you have installed the app, enter your zip code and select our school. Use the app and scan your student ID badge. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to see your progress within PBIS Rewards.

    Zip Code: 92882

    School Code: 1257

    Your Student ID Number

    PBIS Rewards also has a Student Portal website, where you can access the same information you would see on the Student App. Go to https://student.pbisrewards.com. After typing in your school code and student ID number, you will have access to your point details and view of our school store.

    We’re excited to be able to easily reward you and your classmates for great behavior in school. We think this program will help improve conduct throughout the school and reduce the number of referrals for discipline. Keep track of your progress and get ready for some great rewards!