• 8/19/17: In my never ending quest to...
    If you used the data carefully, and created a graph with proper scale and use of the graph paper, the data will yield a scatter plot with a slight right-opening parabolic. I've seen actual examples of hand-drawn graphs and I'll be the first to admit the curve is slight. I drew it in Excel, and got this first:
    Then I changed the scale a bit:
    Looks a bit more curvy - you can at least see that it is not straight. We can identify it as a right-opening parabola, and therefore we can say that y squared is proportional to x, or y is proportional to the square root of x. If we square y and graph that to x, the line flattens out, and we confirm our analysis of the relationship. Here is that graph:
    testplot of y squared  
    ...and we're done.  Write your report (remember it is just pseudo-graded practice, 100% points and 100% feedback) - I'm looking for well-formatted, quality writing that answers the prompts contained within the template to the best of your physics and math abilities, and possibly some fake news. Probably not that last part.

    8/17/17: In light of today's outcomes, it seems only fair to remove some of your burden. This lab report will be graded as a pass/fail assignment. Full credit will be awarded for complete work. As I have asked you to utilize the data below, it will be difficult for you to respond to some of the questions in the lab report. That said, I feel this is a great opportunity for us to explore this report format, the questions/prompts/tips that comprise it, and to submit a practice report without penalty; except for those who simply do not submit one. I will give each of you personalized feedback which you can you to craft superior reports in the future. As far as those difficult questions I mentioned before, do your best with what you have. The data below will yield a plotted curve - one that I intended from our experiment, but failed to deliver. You will be able to properly linearize the data and confirm the validity of your modifications through the straight line testplot. Good luck - remember, no pressure, just practice. Pressure comes later. 
    Here is the Lab Report Template with helpful tips included at no extra charge.
    Use this data for your graphs, instead of the data we gathered today - Period 1, I'll explain Monday.
    h v
    10 4.4
    15 5.4
    20 6.3
    25 7.0
    30 7.7
    35 8.3
    40 8.9
    45 9.4
    50 9.9
    55 10.4
    60 10.8
    65 11.3
    70 11.7
    75 12.1