Visual Arts Class - IB7


    IB7 Syllabus             Supply List

    2-9      same as 2-8, collages due by end of period on Wednesday 
    2-8      1. Bring magazine pictures if needed, but no magazines (tear out at home); 2. Bring a novel if done
    2-7      1. Day 6 of continuing to work on collages(all due by end of period on Feb. 14)-no more magazines may be brought in, but you can bring pages from magazines if more needed(tear out the pages at home); 2. Bring a novel.
    2-6      Bring liquid glue and scissors to start putting together collages tomorrow; bring novel to read the day you think you'll be done
    2-5      Tomorrow is the last day(day 5) to get pictures from MY magazines(get more than you think you'll need)
    2-2      This is Day 3 of cutting out magazine pictures for collages
    2-1       Bring magazines to continue on collages tomorrow
    1-31     Continue looking for magazines for collage project(doctors'/dentists' offices, beauty salons, barber shops)
    1-30     1. Bring glue, scissors and magazines to start on collage on Wed.,2. Finished the "5 Artists . . . " article analysis today in class
    1-29     Bring glue, scissors and magazines to start creating collage on Wednesday (theme: One World, Cultural Identity or Tech-good and bad)
    1-26     1. Completed reflection in Journal on What Am I (if absent, make up on your return); 2. Start collecting magazines for collage project
    1-25     1. If absent Mon., Tues., or today, make-up for What Am I, if needed, is Friday during class; worked on What Am I in class
    1-24     Review and know the basics of the 3 handouts given today: Global Contexts, Learner Profile Characteristics, IB Art Assessment Criteria (you should be                familiar with all of them since this is Sem. 2, but will do a quick review on Friday)
    1-23     None (worked on What Am I in class)
    1-22     None (started What Am I drawing in class)
    1-19     1. Come in with idea of what you're going to draw on Monday for What Am I drawing-colored pencil only (must have all supplies in class on Mondy, esp.                  #2 pencils,colored pencils, pencil sharpener with catch basin, clean eraser, ruler (12"); 2. Monday is last day to bring in a shoebox, if desired 
    1-18     Complete rough draft for Int'l. F.A. poster if interested
    1-17     Signed Supply List-given back to students on 1-19
    1-16     Signed Syllabus