Visual Arts IB-8 Class

    Supply List        Syllabus

    2-9      Completed Festival Door Tags-Happy New Year (no make-up for those absent)
    2-8      Gave notes on color-linked here Color PPT REVIEW
    2-7      Worked on Line Drawing reflection today in class-No homework (Poster people: This is day 11 of 15 days to work on poster (due Feb. 14))
    2-6      1. Gave time to those who needed to finish "5 Artists" article to do so in class today; 2. Cut out hearts, glued them on;3.Went over reflection for tomorrow
    2-5      Day 3 - Line Drawing (last day) (For those working on the posters, this is Day 9 of 15 days to finish it)
    2-2      Day 2- Line Drawing (make-up announced earlier after school today for anyone absent for one day of any assignment
    2-1      Day 1 - Line Drawing (heart template passed out)-No homework
    1-31     1. Worked on article questions(finished)-"5Artists . .  . "; 2. Did quick sketch of heart line drawing design in art journals and wrote down the two characteristics that will be changed in drawing (see notes) and the resulting effects they will produce (see notes)-min. of 2; 3. Will start Final LIne Drawing tomorrow
    1-30     1. Come in with drawing idea (line) for tomorrow; 2. Finished "5 Article.  . .  " analysis today
    1-29     Review notes on the element "line" and come in with idea for drawing on Wednesday
    1-26     1. Completed reflection in Art Journal on What Am I (must make up on return); 2. Start collecting magazines for next project ("collage")
    1-25     None (finished What Am I drawing)
    1-24     Review and know basics of 3 handouts given in class: Global Contexts, Learner Profile Characteristics and IB Art Assessment Criteria (you should              already be familiar with all of these since this is Sem. 2, but we'll review briefly on Friday)
    1-23     None (worked on What Am I in class)
    1-22     None (started on What Am I in class)
    1-19     Come in with idea for What Am I drawing-colored pencils only
    1-18     Finish rough draft for Int'l. Fine Arts Festival if interested
    1-17     Signed Supply List-returned to students 1-19
    1-16     Signed Syllabus