• Unit 1 / Week 2 Spelling Focus

    Long a (VCe, ai, ay, a)


    You need to study the Spelling Focus and be ready for this week’s test.


    became ______________

    explained ______________

    favored ______________

    plain ______________

    raised ______________

    separate ______________

    swayed ______________

    vain ______________



    Frequently Misspelled Words:

    also__________ been__________ from__________ when__________



    some__________ sum__________


    Suggestions for study of spelling focus to prepare for weekly spelling test:


    * First, have an adult give you a pretest. The words spelled incorrectly on the pretest should be practiced. Correctly spelled words do not need to be practiced since you already know how to spell them. J

    * You may choose some of the activities below to help you study and prepare for the test.