A.P. Calculus AB



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A.P. Calculus AB


This course is designed for students who wish to earn college credit in Calculus by taking the Calculus AB Advanced Placement Examination. It is designed for those students who plan to major in mathematics, engineering, computer science, or a math related field. This course covers such topics as: the Cartesian plane and functions, limits and their properties, differentiation and its applications, integration, logarithmic and exponential functions, differentiation and integration of logarithmic, exponential and other transcendental functions, volumes by disc, and cross sectional areas.

Prerequisite: "B" or better in Pre-Calculus 1B or "C" or better Pre-Calculus 1B Honors

Grades: 11th & 12th      Duration: Year      Credits: 10      UC/CSU: C      CBEDS Code: 2480