A.P. Calculus BC



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A.P. Calculus BC


This course is designed for students who wish to earn college credit in Calculus by taking the Calculus BC Advanced Placement Examination. The BC exam covers more topics than does the AB exam and earns more credit at most colleges and universities. It is designed for those students who plan to major in mathematics, engineering, computer science, or a math related field. This course reviews topics such as: Cartesian plane and functions, limits and their properties, differentiation and its applications, integration and its applications. This course also emphasizes integration through partial fraction decomposition, trigonometric integration, L'Hopital's rule, improper integrals, infinite series, Taylor and Maclaurin series and polynomial approximations, parametric, polar, and vector functions, analysis of planar curves in parametric form, polar form and vector form, derivatives of parametric, polar, and vector functions, Euler's method, and slope fields.

Prerequisite: "A" in Pre-Calculus 1B Honors (with teacher recommendation), Calculus 1B Advanced Placement/AB, or Calculus 1B

Grades: 11th & 12th  Duration: Year     Credits: 10      UC/CSU: C      CBEDS Code: 2481