A.P. Studio Art



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A.P. Studio Art


This course is designed for the highly motivated and responsible student interested in the serious study of art. It will provide an intensive examination of the process and content of visual expression through two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Emphasis is placed on the quality, concentration, and breadth of the student's production and experiences. The goal of this course is the completion of a portfolio of artwork, which has been produced by the student, the majority of which has been produced this year, for evaluation at the end of the year by a group of artists and teachers. This advanced placement course requires the student to work outside of the classroom and scheduled class time.

Prerequisite: "B" or better in Drawing and Painting 1A-1B or instructor approval

Grades: 11th & 12th       Duration: Year       Credits: 10      UC/CSU: F     CBEDS Codes: 2874