GATE: Corona Ranch Elementary

  • Corona Ranch logo Ongoing in CRES Classrooms for GATE Clusters:

     Independent Projects- Develops their creativity by allowing for exploration in a special area of interest related to a topic being studied. 

    1.  Vertical Enrichment- Projects or assignments that go above and beyond what is covered in the regular education classroom.  Students are challenged in a range of academic disciplines to develop their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities
    2. Use of Technology- gifted students work with differentiated academic content
      • leverage technology to foster their creativity
      • join in digital collab to extend curriculum through individual interests
      • establish digital portfolios


    1."Lego University" after school GATE enrichment program

    Trimesters to be determined


    SOME SESSIONS 2 DAYS/WEEK-1 HOUR-Will be determined by interest 


    LEGO-Mathematics and Science (STEM)                       

    *take learning out of the textbook and put it into students' hands with Lego toys (highly engaging)

    *make abstract math tangible 

    *practice skills needed to do mathematical problem solving

    *Strengthen students' understanding of how math problems are constructed and solved

    *using science, technology,engineering and math in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

    *the hands-on manipulatives encourage exploration by asking questions, creating argumentation, analyzing data and communicating their findings

    *Students will be gathering evidence, planning and executing investigations, and designing prototypes to solve real-world problems


    LEGO-Reflect and Articulate

    *students reflect and articulate their understanding of the world around them through LEGO play

    *enables students to express themselves in a non-judgmental and highly engaging environment.


    2."Mad Scientists" after school GATE enrichment program:

    Trimesters to be determined

    A fun, inquiry-based program which includes a blend of demonstrations and hands-on activities 

    • engaging hands-on activities
    • fun demonstrations
    • participation in inquiry-based discussions
    • students will get to take home some things that they have made themselves 
    • Explore a variety of topics such as electricity, magnetism, chemistry, biology, etc...

    Students learn the science and engineering practices

    Students engage in practices to build, deepen, and apply their knowledge of core ideas and crosscutting concepts


    Additional programs being considered:

    • Debate Team
    • Performing Arts
    • Studio Art
    • High School Buddy Program
    • Field Trips- College, High School, etc...
    • In-school visits by community professionals (i.e. computer programmers, engineers, writers, artists, medical technicians, etc.)


    If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the principal, Mrs. Jeane Trevino.

Last Modified on September 28, 2017