GATE: Eastvale Elementary

  • Eastvale logo At Eastvale Elementary we try to meet the needs of our gifted learners in several different ways. Below are listed some of the ways we differentiate for our GATE students:

    1. Use of the Depth and Complexity icons:

    Teachers use the icons of Depth and Complexity in many different ways. Some teachers use the icons to guide classroom discussions. Teachers often use the icons to create even more complex tiered questions by combining the icons (Example: How can the details from the text prove whether the character made an ethical decision to…) Teachers often have the icons displayed on posters or with magnets. Some teachers use the icons in assessment activities (shown).


    1. After school GATE Academies:

    Gate program The afterschool GATE Academies typically last about an hour and are typically offered several times per month. The Academies offer learning experiences that our gifted children often find intriguing but cannot be taught or experience during the average school day. The GATE Coordinators lead the Academies but try to bring presenters from the community when possible. Some examples of past GATE Academies are Pumpkin Science, Motorcycle Safety, Build-a-palooza, Teeny Tiny Playdough Art, Intro to Origami, The Truth About Trisomy 21, The Great Puzzle Race, The Life of a Vet, Diaper Science, and Autism 101. We attempt to make our Academies hands on, fun learning experiences that inspire our gifted learners to try new things.


          3. GATE groupings during Team Time/ ELD:

    GATE students that do not participate in our ELD program are leveled during Team Time to work in a GATE/ Above Benchmark group each day for 30-45 minutes. Teachers at different grade levels focus on different topics and areas of studies. Some teachers work on month long learning projects and other teachers opt to work on daily or weeklong learning experiences that are connected to their grade level standards.


    1. Differentiating during daily classroom instruction:

    All of our teachers work to differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of their gifted learners. The most common used strategy is higher level questioning. Some teachers may differentiate their classroom homework.


    1. GATE Family Nights:

    This is an area we would like to improve over the course of this year! In the past we have had outside agencies lead hands on learning experiences for families to participate in.


    If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the principal, Mrs. Michele Derus.

Last Modified on September 28, 2017