GATE: Norco Elementary – Magnet Program

  • Norco El logo There are amazing activities and experiences provided to our students at Norco Elementary, the following activities are provided each year to students.

    Math Field Day
    STEM rotations
    Mechatronics grades 56
    Complex computer education
    Dissections [owl pellets, cow hearts, sheep eyes, frogs]
    Environmental Science
    Science Fair

    The Arts
    Choir grades 36
    Band grades 56
    Art appreciation
    Poetry Study
    Composer Study
    Puppet Theater
    Nutcracker Study & Ballet

    PBL/Collaborative Learning
    Interact Units
    Novel Studies
    Vertical (36) Integrated collaborative units that do and do not include gen ed.
    Native American Day
    Fiesta Day
    Biome Day
    49'er Day
    Wax Museum
    Early Man Day
    Greek Festival
    Egg Babies
    Crossage Park Studies in CA and the US
    China Day/Lunar New Year
    Walk Up CA

    Student Council
    Peer Support
    Morning Announcements
    Outside guest speakers and presenters
    Service Projects
    American Legion Essay Contest
    Letters to Service men and women
    Classroom economies including jobs, supply and demand, logos, pay day etc...
    PTA Reflections

    Field Trips/Outside Activities
    3rd grade weeklong camp [in the classroom]
    6th grade college visit
    Hidden Valley Nature Center
    Discovery Cube

    If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the principal, Mr. Russ Schriver.

Last Modified on September 29, 2017