GATE: Temescal Valley Elementary

  • Temescal Valley logo For the 2017-2018 school year, Temescal Valley will begin our after school GATE program in September.  We will meet approximately once a week (more if needed) for one hour depending on the activities in progress.  We will meet six times per year.  Activities will consist of a school newspaper (students will use technology to create various newspaper sections), STEM and STEAM activities, art, science, and math projects.  Students individual needs will be met in daily interventions with their classroom teacher.  Projects/assignments will be based on the depth and complexity icons and grade level rotations for reading comprehension, writing, and math.

    Extension afterschool classes include:

    This year, it’s newspaper publishing

    Last year, it was bridge-building and car design

    Next year, we will focus on coding

    History Day project support.

    Science Fair support.


    High expectations classrooms

    Project-based learning

    Flipped Math classroom

    No limits learning

    Classroom Clustering with enhancement tasks

    Classroom use of GATE icons



    If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the principal, Mrs. Beth Feaster.

Last Modified on September 29, 2017