GATE: Vandermolen Elementary

  • Vandermolen We have GATE academies once a month and either I lead or we have special guests!  We are currently producing and editing a short film that the students created.  We have a book club with different leveled books to read and discuss. For academies: we have done a clue game activity, soduku, abstract art, building design, power point, drama, problem solving, discussions, discussions and activities for kids, multiple intelligence tests, coding, finger-printing with a detective speaking.... and the list goes on.  Additionally, they have monthly projects due each month, which they present.  I also have a GATE group on Edmodo where they can communicate about projects and share neat websites to read and discuss.  Additionally they save work on flash drives and bring it to each academy.  We are still working out the dates for next year but they will be similar to this year's dates.


    Extension afterschool classes

    This year, it’s newspaper publishing

    Last year, it was bridge-building and car design

    Next year, we will focus on coding

    History Day project support

    Science Fair support


    High expectations classrooms

    Project-based learning

    Flipped Math classroom

    No limits learning

    Classroom Clustering with enhancement tasks

    Classroom use of GATE icons


    If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the principal, Mr. Jeremy Barnes.

Last Modified on September 29, 2017