My ultimate goal is for your child to be a self-manager of his/her own behavior.  To achieve this goal, both positive and negative consequences are a part of my classroom discipline plan. 


    Positive Consequences


    I stress positive rewards as incentives for appropriate behavior.  Classroom positives are:

    1.   Verbal praise from the teacher and peers

    2.  Stickers for Success

    3.  Treasure Chest/Treat Jar

    4.  Ding Cards (Reward Cards)


    Negative Consequences


    Inappropriate behavior and/or not following classroom or playground rules will result in negative consequences.  My discipline policy is as follows:


        1.  Name on the board = Warning

    2.    Name with a check = Loss of recess, Write and apology note for his/her

     behavior, Name recorded in Discipline Log

    3.    Name on the board with two check marks = Loss of additional recess, Write an apology note, Note sent home to be signed by parent and returned


    **Anytime a child is caught hitting or hurting another child, consequence #3 will automatically apply (Loss of recess, Apology note, Note sent home to be signed by parent and returned).


    I will call the parents to ask for your help if there is a recurrent behavior problem.  I will seek your help and input in order to make school a positive environment for your child!