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    5th grade homework will be assigned Monday through Friday. It will be sent home daily and will be collected and corrected daily. Spelling and Math will be assigned as indicated on the HW log. Any incomplete classwork should be finished at home if they were not able to complete it in class. In addition, long-term projects will be assigned and due at specified times throughout the year. I will put these projects on their monthly calendar along with the due dates. Please talk to your child and find out why they have more than 60 minutes of homework if any night seems particularly heavy.  It is your child's responsibility to ask for help or clarification if it is needed. I am available most evenings to students by email.
    ~~PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF HOMEWORK TAKES MORE THAN 60 CONSECUTIVE MINUTES A NIGHT. (Excluding snacks, bathroom breaks, procrastinating etc...)~~
    Please do not "Help" your child by clearing out their folders-they are in fifth grade, and I promise you will watch them grow up in their 
    upcoming chapters in here.  If they are not prepared for class they will need to complete the work at home for homework.
    READ 30-40 minutes for AR Nightly (M-F).

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