• Homework Schedule


    Monday: Spelling - Put spelling words in ABC order and write complete sentences using the ten regular words (bonus words can be used in a sentence as well!)
    Tuesday: Language Arts worksheet - This assignment will reflect one of the reading or writing skills we are working on for the week.
    Wednesday: Math - Math papers will be assigned that reinforce the concepts learned during the week, or that provide additional practice of basic skills.   
    Thursday:  Reading Comprehension and Practice Spelling Test - Reading comprehension work is to help the students not only read, but understand passages.  The practice spelling test will help students do their best on Friday’s spelling test.
    Friday: No Homework.


            In addition to these assignments, each child should read at least fifteen minutes every night, independently or with an adult, in order to practice the strategies we talk about in class. 


    District guidelines for homework in the second grade are 15-30 minutes per night.  If your child is spending more than that each night, please let me know so that the homework can be adjusted accordingly.  On the other hand, if your child is finishing the work too rapidly, please have him/her read, read, read!