For better organization skills and for your child to have the best experience in meeting classroom expectations, completing classroom and homework assignments, the following supplies are necessary.  Please send these items with your child as soon as possible.




    Supply List for Mrs. Yendes’ 2014-2015 Class


    v   Small pencil box or soft pouch for binder

    v   Ruler- Clear or see-through

    v   Several #2 sharpened pencils

    v   Erasers

    v   24 count Crayola crayons

    v   Set of colored pencils

    v   large adult-sized scissors

    v   2 glue sticks

    v   Red pen

    v  Highlighter

    v   Black Fine-Tip Sharpee marker

    v   1 ½” binder

    v   Set of 5 tabs (yellow/red/green/blue/purple) or 5 pocket folders

    v   Notebook paper

    v   Dictionary & Thesaurus

    v   Colored pen for correcting homework

    v   Skinny whiteboard marker (we use these daily)

    v   Flash drive



    Home Supplies for Homework

    v   Dictionary

    v   Thesaurus

    v   Stapler

    v   Crayons

    v   Pencils