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    Mrs. Evalle


    Mrs. Evalle

    3rd Grade, D Track

    Contact Info: 951-739-6820


    University/College Attended: Cal State Fullerton/Concordia University

    Degrees Earned: B.S. Education/ M.A. Curriculum and Instruction

    Hometown:  Eastvale, California


    I never allow myself to become discouraged under any circumstances. The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work, second, stick-to-ittiveness, third, common sense.

    Albert Einstein


    The Department of Education seeks to have every teacher certified in the area in which they are teaching. If this criteria is met, the teacher is "Highly Qualified".

    Quick Links:

    • Spelling City Link to a great spelling practice site
    • ScienceLink to our Science program's website. Do crosswords, watch short videos, review lessons, and explore science concepts.
    • Social Studies-Link to our Social Studies program's website. View pictures, go to museums, watch short videos, review lessons, and explore Social Studies concepts.
    • Language Arts-Link to our Language Arts program's website. Play games in the English section, review lessons and stories, and explore language arts.
      Link to AR site: Check progress towards goals for trimester 3.