• Classroom Volunteers

    We are still in need of someone who is able to volunteer on Wednesdays to assist students in our class as they visit the Computer Lab and Library.  We also need regular room help on Mondays.  If you are able to do so, please email me as soon as you can. 

    Room Mom: Stacie Leber
    Assistant Room Mom: Jennifer Chavez
    Tuesday Homework:
    Regular Help:          Name:  Stacie Leber Student:  Autumn
    Regular Help:         Name:  SunHee Ku Students:  Eliana and Elisia

    Wednesday Computer Lab/Library Help:  8:35-9:35 

    Regular Help

    Monday:                  Name:  Student: 

                           Thursday:        Name:  Jennifer Chavez    Student:  Jacob                     

    Friday:         Name:  Julie Taylor  Student:  Andrew