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    Sight words are so essential for reading and writing. These are the 50 words your child needs to know by the end of kindergarten. The must know these words by sight. Many do not lend well to using sounds to figure them out. When we test your child on sight words, we expect them to read each word in 3 seconds or less and show no indication that they are trying to use sounds. If they are not able to do this then they do not pass that word or list.


    Below is a list of activities you can do with your child when practicing sight words.
    Kindergarten Sight Word PowerPoints Lists A-E

    Here is a Power Point to practice the kindergarten sight words at home! Click on the speaker to hear the word being spoken.

    Click on the link above to download this file.
    Fun Ways to Practice Your Sight Words


    1. Read a story. Count how many sight words you can find. Record the name of the book and number of sight words found.

    2. Use yarn or string to form your words.

    3. See how many times you can write your sight words in 5 minutes.

    4. Write one sentence using each sight word.

    5. Tape yourself saying and spelling your sight words.

    6. Make flash cards. How many words can you read in 3 minutes?

    7. Print the words on someone’s back. Can the person guess the word?

    8. Write words on sticky notes? Match to words you find in your story books.

    9. Use colored chalk to write your sight words on the sidewalk.

    10.          Rainbow-write your words using crayons, markers, gel pens….

    11.          Paint your words using watercolors or finger-paint.

    12.          Find words in a newspaper or magazine or junk mail, cut out.

    13.          Use beans, pasta, rice, or other small objects to form your words.

    14.          Fold a sheet of paper in fourths. Write your words 2 times in each square and decorate the squares with art supplies.

    15.          Sing a song to memorize your sight words. Try using the tunes to Frere Jacques or 99 bottles or jingle bells for 3 letter words; Hi-Ho Did You Know for 4 letter words; BINGO for 5 letter words; Happy Birthday  or If you’re Happy and You Know It for 6 letter words.

    16.          Write a message to someone using your words.

    17.          Draw and write a story using your words. Read your story to someone.

    18.          Play a game such as Go Fish using your sight words.

    19.          Look for your words in magazines and newspapers and use a highlighter to circle the words.

    20.          Pour a thin layer of powdered Jell-O on a paper plate. Practice writing the words in the Jell-O. Use this for name practice and letter formation too.

    21.          Use magnetic letters and spell your words on cookie sheet.