Rosa Parks 3rd Grade B-Track

    Name: Ms. Melissa Ramsey
    Email Address: mrramsey@cnusd.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 951-736-7305

    Quick Links:

    • Spelling City - Link to our nightly spelling homework
    • Math- Link to our math program's website. Print homework, review lessons, and access your text book.
    • Science- Link to our Science program's website. Do crosswords, watch short videos, review lessons, and explore science concepts.
    • Social Studies-Link to our Social Studies program's website. View pictures, go to museums, watch short videos, review lessons, and explore Social Studies concepts.
    • Language Arts-Link to our Language Arts program's website. Play games in the English section, review lessons and stories, and explore language arts.
    • Rosa Parks Home Page- Our school's web site.
    If you find a useful Website, please let me know so I can add them to our "Internet Resources" list for all of our class to use.

      Work hard in class so you will have less to do at home!          Practice makes purrrrfect!          Stay on top of things!