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    Mrs. Ramshaw

    Grade Level: 5th

    Phone Number: (951)739-5960

    Welcome to our site! Here you will find tools and resources that can assist you throughout your 5th grade year.

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    Please see the weekly Ramshaw Times newsletter that went home in the Tuesday folder for the most updated information. Also, be sure to sign up for Remind to get text updates from me.



    School Telephone


    I would really appreciate it if you showed your child how to use a land line.  They are so accustomed to using a cell phone and not having to dial a "1" before the 909 or 714 area code, that when the time comes and they need to contact you they have difficulties calling you from the classroom phone.  The classroom phone requires a person to dial a "9" before the phone number, and that in addition to trying to figure out that your cell phone number that is outside the 951 area code needs a "1" in front of it, is a bit difficult for them to grasp.  If you could also please try to explain to them that your house and the school are in the 951 area code, it would make it much easier to contact you.  The students very rarely need to call you during the school day, so when the need arises it is usually for something that is important to them.  Thanks. 




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