Parent Information

    Dear Parents,
    On this page you will find a wealth of information pertaining to the classroom discipline plan, classroom pledge, student supplies needed, as well as printables of different communication forms that your child may have forgotten at school. 

     Classroom Discipline

    Each student has applied for, interviewed, and been given a job that must be completed in class.  Students are then paid at the end of each month.  The pay for each job varies.  Students then use that money to pay room and board for their desk.  The amount of rent depends on where the desk is located in the classroom.  In addition to completing their jobs, students may earn money by excelling in the classroom, such as following the classroom rules, receiving a perfect score on a spelling test, having perfect attendance, etc.  They are also fined if they do not follow the classroom rules.  The amount of the fine is dependent upon the infraction.  Students may use any additional money they have earned after paying room and board towards the classroom auction that takes place at the end of each month. 


    Classroom Rules


    1. Learn and allow others to learn
    2. Respect everyone and everything
    3. Be kind with your words and actions
    4. Do your personal best
    5. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself


    When a student is fined he/she will be bringing home a "Making Better Choices" card.  The card requires the student to reflect upon the infraction and the choices that need to be made in the future so that the infraction does not occur again.  The card needs to be signed by both the student and parent and returned to school the next day. 


    Positive Reinforcement


    Students in class have many opportunities in which they can receive positive reinforcement.  Some rewards include:

    • Phone calls or notes home
    • Table and/or Group points
    • Class points
    • Compliments given to them by other classmates in the compliment jar
    • Being chosen as Lead Scholar for the day
    • Earning "Bonus Bucks"
    • Using any extra money they have earned at the classroom auction


    click below for Printables of:  

    Classroom Pledge

    - We are wonderful people.

    - We are intelligent and have the ability to learn.

    - We are responsible for our future.

    - Each day we will put our best effort into all our work.

    - Each day we will respect others, treating them how we want to be treated.

    - Each day we will respect ourselves taking care of our bodies and our minds.

    - We will achieve our goals now so we can do great things in our future.

    * This pledge is said every morning after the reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  The purpose of the pledge is to remind each student of his or her role as an active member of University 306.  All fines, consequences, and rewards are all tied into one of the bullets listed here.  It also serves as a reminder that we need to be conscientious of other people's feelings as well as the fact that our actions today could have an impact our future. 

     supply list

    For better organizational skills, and for your child to have the best experience in meeting classroom expectations and completing homework assignments some supplies will be needed.  I would suggest that each child have the following items at all times for their personal use at school.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


    1-2" Ring binder

    Subject Dividers (labeled: Homework, Unfinished Work, Language Art, Science, Social Studies) Please choose dividers that do not have pockets that the students can use as folders. The goal is to get them to become organized by moving away from shoving papers into a folder.  The simpler the divider, the better it is for your child to stay organized.
      Lined paper (loose leaf or notebook bound)
    5 spiral single subject notebooks 
      Pencils #2

    Small pencil box that will fit in desk or Pencil Pouch
    Colored pencils
    Checkbook Transaction Register and Checkbook cover (to keep an updated record of amount in classroom "checking account"     Transaction Register   (click here if unable to acquire one)

     Dry Erase Marker (for small whiteboards)

    White board eraser or sock

    multiple glue sticks (will need to be replenished throughout the school year; Scotch brand permanent glue sticks preferred)
    hard cover composition book 

    If possible, have these items at home to use throughout the school year:

    o   Pencils, erasers, and a pencil sharpener

    o   Pens, colored pencils, crayons, markers

    o   Notebook Paper, construction paper

    o   Glue sticks, tape, post it notes

    o   Scissors, ruler, stapler, hole punch

    o   Dictionary

    o   Thesaurus