Classroom Supplies Wish List

    Listed below are a few items that the classroom could use.  Check back for updates. The class has 34 students. Any donations to the class are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your continued support!

    Ongoing Needs-

    • Whiteboard markers
    • Thin dry erase markers
    • glue sticks
    • white copy paper
    • colored copy paper
    • lined paper
    • tissues
    • anti-bacterial cleaning wipes
    • "Swiffer" dusters
    • prizes for our monthly auction
    • pencils
    • spiral notebooks (to be used as Reading Response Logs)
    • Marks-A-Lot permanent markers (for Interactive Writing)
    • 1" Post-it correction tape (AKA "Oops" tape)
    • Manila folders (for book reports)
    • glass cleaner
    • gallon sized Ziploc bags
    • sandwich bags
    • snack sized bags
    • 1 yd. of decorative fabric (to be used for covering Writer's Notebooks)
    • roll of colored duct tape (to be used for binding Writer's Notebooks)