• Sight Word Activities
    1.  Make flashcards and practice reading the words several times.
    2.  Practice writing the words on a sheet of paper, 5 times each.
    3.  Rainbow write the words, using different colors.
    4.  Spell the words and jump for each letter.
    5.  Find the words in a newspaper or magazine.
    6.  Write each word in a sentence and draw a picture.
    7.  Use chalk to write you words on the sidewalk.
    8.  Make the words out of coins, pasta, beans, buttons, etc.
    9. Write your words with your finger on somebody's back and see if they can guess what the words are.
    10.  When you read, count how many times you find the sight words in your book. 
    11.  Write your words using watercolors, or finger paint
    12.  Use magnetic letters to write your sight words. 
    13.  Write a message to someone using your words. 
    14.  Write a story and draw a picture using your sight words.
    15.  Play a game like Go Fish using your sight words.