Week of August 23-30

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    Homework Tips:

    • Writing should always be done in pencil, no pen, marker, or crayon.
    • Please watch that your child is properly forming his/her letters.  Letters NEVER start at the bottom.
    This is our last week of homework before we track off :) YAY!!!
    Letter Practice: Nn
    Sight Words:  on-page-please study them
    Math Page (rip out of book and return only the pages): pg. 149&150
    Language arts: (rip out of book and return only the pages):  Pages 98& 100 (n)
    Writing: "Write about anything"-Writing should always be done in pencil. No crayons, marker, or pens. Coloring should always be done in crayons or colored pencils. No markers please.
    Children should write their own names on their homework. Please monitor that your children are forming letters correctly. Letters never start from the bottom and bad habits are really hard to break!
    *       egroza@cnusd.k12.ca.us
    *       Backpacks only come on Tuesdays so homework goes out on Tuesdays and comes on Tuesdays in their backpacks.
    *       Remember Wednesdays are from 8:25-11:19 (we come in the morning)
    *       Family Friday starts at 2:20, I hope to see everyone here....
    *       Track Off September 2nd...our time is from 8:25-12:19



    ·        Stretching - Please have your child work on stretching the words they don’t know and writing the sounds they hear.  Parents: have your child read their sentences to you.  Please write the word correctly when they are finished so I know what the words say. (see example) The only words I expect to have spelled correctly are the 30 sight words in lists A, B, C, & D.

    ·        Spacing – put a space between each word (2 finger spaces).

    ·        Letter formation – practice with your child on forming their letters correctly.

    ·        Capitals and periods – Please have your child start their sentence with a capital and put a period at the end