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    Second Grade Homework Policy:
    No official homework will be assigned however:  
    -Parents will have access to resources through our team website.   
    -We will be doing special assignments once a trimester.
    The following are helpful suggestions for support at home:
    - Read at least 20 minutes daily-Ask questions as they read to check for understanding (who, what, when, where, why, how...) Standard RL 2.1
    -Ask your child who the character is/are, the setting, and the plot of the story Standard RL 2.7
    -Have your child identify the topic (what is the entire text about?) and main idea of specific paragraphs (what is the focus of that paragraph?) Standard RI 2.2
    -Ask your child, "What do you think was the author's main purpose of writing the text?" (i.e., to explain_________, to describe_______, to answer___________) Standard RI 2.6
    -Visit local libraries: Norco Public Library, Corona Public Library, and Eastvale Public Library (Eleanor Roosevelt High School)


    Practice Phonics and Spelling skills on:

    -Write a paragraph or narrative on topic of your choice. Edit and revise your writing using editing marks and cups.

    -The following link includes Journal topics: 

         Writing Topics 

    -The following are editing tools:
       CUPS (Capitalization-Usage-Punctuation-Spelling)
       Editing Marks  
    -Practice math skills on the following websites:
    Oral Language: 
    -Create audio recordings of stories or poems Standard SL 2.5
    -Tell a story or recount an experience Standard SL 2.4
    -Describe key ideas or details from a text Standard SL 2.2
     Typing Skills Websites:
    Other Helpful Websites:
    -Current events: www.timeforkids.com/news
    -Fun learning games: www.scholastic.com/kids/
    -Bilingual site for families and educators or English Learners: www.colorincolorado.org