• ROCKET preschool 
    Denise Taylor
    I teach Special Education Preschool in the ROCKET 5 day program.
    Phone: 736-3245
    AM preschool hours: 8:15-11:45
    I attended CSUSB and received my BA in Liberal Studies and my Preschool Special Education Credential.
    I have an awesome son Timothy who is in the 7th grade. My father lives with Timothy and I as do my 3 little Rat Terriers
    Holly, Haus, and Little Joe. My family loves to go camping, fishing ( mostly the boys), and visiting our National Parks.
    My hobbies include woodworking and scapbooking.
    What I love about teaching:
    I have always loved being around children and knew from an early age that I wanted to help people. I began my work at a private non-profit school for children with disabilities from birth to 6 years old for almost 16 years. I taught in the
    preschool, toddler, and kindergarten programs, and was a home program teacher for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. I then came to the CNUSD and have been teaching in the Special education preschool program for the last 7 years.
    Here is poem that describes why I became a Special Education teacher:
    "What is the role of a teacher?"
    The early childhood teacher holds several roles.
    The teacher must love all her children and treat them as equal but special individuals, thus she is a mother.
    The teacher must ask thought provoking questions and encourage exploration and investigation, thus she is a scientist.
    The teacher must sing loud and proud, even if she can not carry a tune, thus she is a musician.
    The teacher must encourage children to use their words and talk out their feelings, thus she is a mediator.
    The teacher must hop, jump, and tumble, thus she is a gymnast.
    The teacher must share accounts of far away lands and imaginary people, thus she is a storyteller.
    The teacher must bandage scraped knees and kiss "ouchies", thus she is a nurse.
    The teacher must give words of encouragement, louder and stronger than anyone thought possible,
    thus she is a cheerleader.
    The teacher must listen with open ears and an empathetic heart, thus she is a friend.
    The teacher is a facilitator, enabler, questioner, nurturer, backer, advocator, and supporter.
    To teach is to touch a life.
    And that is what the most important role of a teacher is.
    Author Unknown
    Miss Denise