• Preschool News:
    We had a great time learning all about camping and the animals we might see in the forest.
    Our next theme is All about Me & My Friends!
    We will learning how to be a friend. We will match & identify our friends pictures in the class. We will learn different body parts, the color of our hair and eyes, the names of our family members, and some important things about ourselves like how old we are and if we are a boy or a girl. I have lots of fun activities to help your child learn about themselves and their friends.
    Moms and dads we need your pictures so your child can learn your names!
    If you want to e-mail me the pictures I can print them for you.
    Miss Denise
    Important Dates!
    9-6-2010 Holiday
    No school today.
    Picture Day!
    Don't forget your order form.
    9-22-2010 Non-student Day- No class for ROCKET students.
    9-24-2010 Homework is due!
    August Birthdays:
    Mia, Chandani, and Miss Denise
    September Birthdays:
    Emily, Ryan, and Samuel
    Happy Birthday!