• Name: Lisa Ramey-Hernandez

    Grade Level: 5 Day Preschool SDC

    College Education: I received my Bachelors Degree at California Baptist University and received my Early Childhood Special Education Credential at California of Fullerton. I also received my CLAD for second language learners.

    Family life –  I am married to my wonderful husband Duke. We have four beautiful children. Maura who is 16, Melissa who is 13, Chase who is 9, and Troy who is 2 years old. We have one cat and one dog. We leave in beautiful home  in Corona and all of my children attend a school in the Corona/Norco Unified School District.  We love living here in Corona and plan on living here for many years.

    What I love about teaching? I love making a positive difference in a child’s life.  Watching them learn or discover some thing new for the first time. Teaching them how to speak, make friends, making the right decisions, and forming a relationship with each individual child that will last me and them a life time.

    You can reach me @ lrameyhernandez@cnusd.k12.ca.us or 951-736-3245

    My favorite Riverview moment - Meeting the staff for the first time. Every one at Riverview was very friendly, kind, and accepting of all the change.

    I started at Foothill Elementary 10 years ago as an Instructional Assistant. During that time I went to school full time to finish my education.  I then worked at Temescal Valley for one year in the 5 Day Kindergarten SDC program.  Next, I worked at Eastvale for 3 years.  Two years I taught the 5 Day ROCKET program and one year I taught the 4 Day ROCKET program.  Lastly, I have been at Riverview for two years teaching the 5 Day ROCKET program.

    I love to travel, spend time with my family, and go out to eat.