• Ticket to Read Phonics: www.tickettoread.com
    Accelerated Reader Book Finder: http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx


    A reading site: www.starfall.com
    Learning games: http://www.abcya.com/kindergarten_computers.htm
    Login to your child's personalized guided reading book selections: www.Razkids.com
    My login is: DCohen or DNCohen and your child’s password is their lunch number.
    We will be using Touchmath for addition this year.   (Subtraction will not be done with touch math.)
    For a parent video on touch math go to: http://www.touchmath.com/ (there is NO need to buy any resources.  I have plenty.)

    A number chart and sample addition problems:
    (Disclaimer/Warning: Please do not let your child play on this or other sites without parental supervision.  At one time I thought that the sites I listed on this page were helpful sites but the author's of them may have changed the sites so I am not up to date on ALL of the information presented at each of these sites.  Thanks for your common sense on this matter.)