• Daily Homework (Explanation)

    Homework will be sent home daily in your child's "Daily Folder".  It is due the following day.  Included in this folder is a daily "Ask Me About".  This is a record of your child's behavior for the day (green is good, yellow is a warning, orange means they miss a recess, and red means a note or phone call home) and also serves as a reading log that you will need to sign.  Please go through your child's folder each day to check for any items that need your signature or review.

    In addition to the daily homework and reading, students are expected to study their phonics skill and sight words every day. Please check the newsletter for our weekly phonics skill. Sight words can be found by clicking on the appropriate link.
    Your child will also bring a "Communication Folder" home every Friday with their papers from the week.  Please go through the papers WITH your child and discuss each item.