• Homework will come home at the end of the week in a folder. Have your child only do the assignments listed on each day. Papers are returned every Friday. Homework must be complete and turned in on time in order to get full credit. This is and EFFORT grade. Homework is essentially...reading, reading, and reading some more and spending time as a family dong it.

    Reading Fluency: nightly
    This homework is essential to your child's success in becoming a stronger reader. Parents MUST be involved in this part nightly. Please refer to the letter that comes home with the first homework assignment. I want them to be incredible readers and this practice challenges them. The passages will get harder as the year progresses. Please record their scores and initial nightly at bottom of the sheet. Please review their answers to the questions for accuracy. 
    Spelling: every Friday
    Each week we focus on a sound card. There will be no spelling homework and no weekly tests. Spelling will be graded in their weekly writing assignments in class. Feel free to log onto Spelling City (see important links page) and practice the sounds. Please refer to trimester paper in your AVID folder.