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    6th Grade Doughnut Fundraiser due THIS Friday, October 13th.
    Language Arts: Read and discussed Where the Red Fern Grows Ch. 15 & 16, finish Spelling page 11
    Math: Review  Finish math packet from class
    Science/History: Ch.3 Lesson 4, Complete the study guide sections 1-4 and update Cultural Universals
    Other: Permission slips, Sock Donations
    Tuesday - 
    Language Arts:  Red Fern Ch. 17 & 18, Spelling worksheet, Grammar-Conjunctions, Writing - Cell Phone Uses essay
    Math: Using Benchmarks (3.2) and Understanding Absolute Value
    Science/History: Cuneiform, Ch. 3, Lesson 5
    Other:  Movie Permission Slip, Sock Donations
    Wednesday (Doughnut Pick Up Day is SATURDAY!!!)
    Language Arts:  Red Fern Ch. 19-20, and spelling dictation, rough draft of cell phone essay is due Friday.
    Math: iReady, Finish 3.2 and Identifying Fraction Location
    Science/History:  none
    Other:  Parent Signature for Planner, Progress Report
    Thursday- Show your spirit tomorrow, wear school spirit wear!!!
    Language Arts:  Red Fern Test and Movie, Spelling Test, and Cellphone essay
    Math: None
    History:  Cunneiform writing, Study Guide 
    Other:  Binder Check tomorrow
    Other: Sock Donations