• Grading/Homework:
    Grading:  This year your child will be receiving A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s instead of O’s, S’s and N’s.  Because it is often a difficult transition for many parents and students to make, I encourage you to log on to Parent Connect weekly to monitor your child’s progress in my class.  As a parent, you have access to my gradebook so that you will know your child’s percentage grade at all times for each subject area.  Working together will make the transition smooth, and will help ensure academic success for your child.  Students may correct work that is returned to them for an averaged grade.  The corrected work must be submitted to the teacher within two weeks of receiving it.  Tests and quizzes may NOT be corrected for an improved grade.
    Homework/Black 2 pocket Homework Folder:  Parents can help by giving children a quiet place and time to work. Homework consists of nightly reading (at least 20 minutes), responding to reading (which is the nightly reading log), practicing math facts, and finishing any classwork that was not completed.  Students will be given some time in class to work on assignments, but any unfinished work must be completed at home and returned the following day.  Each student will have a 3-ring AVID W.O.R.K. binder that will go home each night and must be returned each day.  The binder includes a black 2 pocket folder with a label that says, “Homework.”  Inside the black folder there are labels indicating that Math is due daily and the reading response log is due each Friday.  Multiplication tests will be given almost daily in class at the beginning of the year.  If your child forgets his/her homework at home, please do not bring it to the office. I promise you it will not be the end of the world. By not bringing it, it also teaches responsibility.


    Parent Connect:  Make sure to check “Parent Connect” frequently.  There you can access all current results of tests and classwork, along with any missing work.  Please make sure that the email associated with this account is up to date.  I will be using “Parent Connect” to send emails to parents throughout the year.

    CNUSD Resource Access:  Students have access to CNUSD resources from their home computer.  Students have been taught how to log in and access this information.