• Absences/Discipline:
    Absences: When your child is absent, he or she is responsible for making up the work. Students need to check their desktop when they return. Missing assignments are also listed on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom.  Students have the same number of days they were absent to complete assignments. For example, if John misses 2 days of school, he would have 2 days after he returned to school to complete the work.  Many of our classroom activities cannot be done at home (group work, experiments, in-class activities, buddy activities, etc.), so regular attendance is encouraged.  If your child is absent, plan to pick up their missed work at the end of the day so he/she will not get too far behind.

    Discipline:  It is my intent to establish and maintain a non-disruptive learning atmosphere:


    1. A safe environment in which students may experience success both academically and socially.
    2. An environment that fosters respect for self, others, school, and the community.
    3. A positive environment in which good citizenship and self-discipline is practiced.


    If student behavior disrupts the learning of others, the student will be reminded of the classroom and school rules. For repeated behavior incidents, the student will complete a reflection form, take it home, have it signed by a parent, and return it to school. The purpose is to encourage students to reflect on their behavior. In more serious or continuous situations I will conference with parents either in person or over the phone.  Students will lose privileges for repeated offenses.  In an extreme situation, the student will be referred to an administrator for further action.