Welcome Fifth Grade Parents!

    I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Barbara Negro, and I am excited to be your child’s fifth grade teacher this year.  My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of California at Riverside, a multiple subjects teaching credential with a cultural emphasis, and a master’s degree in education with a specialization in reading.  I have been teaching for sixteen years, and fifteen of those years have been in fifth grade.

    In fifth grade, students will continue to learn the joy of reading good literature.  I want my students to know that reading is a fun experience!  There will also be a big emphasis on writing multi paragraph compositions using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Math concepts such as multi digit multiplication/division, computing with fraction/decimals, and graphing will also be a challenge in fifth grade.  In science, systems of living things, the solar system, weather and climate, the nature of matter, and water on earth will be studied.  Finally, the geography and early history of the United States will be our focus in social studies.

    In a manila envelope, you will be receiving numerous notices and forms to be completed and/or signed.  Your immediate response in returning these forms would be greatly appreciated.  Please take time each day to talk to your child about their school activities. Ask to see their planners and any papers they may have completed in class that day.  Every week you can expect school notices and corrected work to be brought home on Friday in the communication envelope.

    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Please read the following pages for more information on grade level/classroom policies and procedures.  More information on homework and classroom/school rules will also be given out at Parent Information Night on Thursday, August 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room.  Mark your calendars now!

    I’m really looking forward to meeting you at Parent Information Night.  Together we are going to have a great year!


                                                    Mrs. Negro, 5th grade