• Daily Warm Up Routine
    Students will complete a group warm-up JOGGING lap that is a distance of .4 mile  in a time that is 4 min and 30 seconds or less.  It is the expectiation that all students will run or jog this lap; not walk it.

    As of April 2011, the time for our fastest boy is 2 min. and 20 seconds and our fastest girls is 2 min. and 35 seconds.

    They will then complete a group stretching routine consisting of: jumping jacks, lunges, hamstring & quadricep stretches, hip flexor stretch, curl ups, plank and finally push ups.  All of these activities are done to prepare the students for the Physical Fitness Testing done in the spring. 
    After finishing this daily warm-up, the students will participate in their own class activity. (See PE teacher schedule).
Last Modified on April 14, 2011